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Course Description Environment of Care
The course contains 15 Lessons taking about 1 Hour 15 Minutes

On September 8, 2016 the Federal Register posted the final rule Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers. The regula-tion goes into effect on November 16, 2016. Health care providers and suppliers affected by this rule are required to comply and implement all regulations one year after the effective date.

An emergency is a natural or man-made event that significantly disrupts the environment of care (damage to the hospital and grounds) that significantly disrupts care, treatment, and services (loss of power, water, etc.); or that results in a sudden, significantly changed, or increased demands for the hospital’s services. This course walks the student through this process, including all four core elements required by this new regulation. Requirements will apply to all 17 provider and supplier types.

  1 : Introduction to Emergency Preparedness
  2 : The Core Elements
  3 : Risk Assessment
  4 : The Emergency Plan
  5 : Policies and Procedures
  6 : The Communication Plan
  7 : Training
  8 : Testing
  9 : Additional Requirements for Emergency Preparedness
10 : NIMS vs. HEICS vs. HICS
11 : Management of Casualties
12 : Managing Information
13 : Alternative Sites of Care
14 : Evaluation
15 : Survey Readiness