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Course Description Advanced HIPAA Privacy
The course contains 14 Lessons taking about 1 Hour 10 Minutes

Notice of Privacy Practices is a course that focuses on the major concepts of a notice of privacy practices. The student learns when patients receive a notice of privacy, what needs to be included within a notice, how to demonstrate that all patients are given a notice, and new requirements of the Omnibus Rule.

  1 : Individual Rights As They Apply To Privacy Notices
  2 : Patients' Rights To A Privacy Notice (V13)
  3 : Content of a Privacy Notice (V13)
  4 : Using “Plain Language” In A Privacy Notice (V13)
  5 : Using A Privacy Notice To Tell Patients How PHI Will Be Used And Disclosed
  6 : Description Of Provider And Health Plan Responsibilities As Part Of A Privacy Notice (V13)
  7 : Contact Information And Effective Date As Part Of A Privacy Notice (V13)
  8 : Health Plan Responsibilities As Applicable To Provision Of Privacy Notices (V13)
  9 : Multiple Health Plan Privacy Notices (V13)
10 : Notice Of Privacy Practices For Protected Health Information (PHI) (V13)
11 : Gaining A Privacy Notice Acknowledgement (V13)
12 : Dealing With Privacy Notice Acknowledgements During An Emergency Situation (V13)
13 : Electronic Distribution Of Privacy Notices (V13)
14 : Joint Privacy Notices By Separate Organizations (V13)