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Course Description Advanced HIPAA Privacy
The course contains 20 Lessons taking about 1 Hour 40 Minutes

Patient Rights is a course that focuses on the rights that patients are entitled to according to the Privacy Rule. Students learn that patients have rights to access, change, and influence how their protected health information is used and disclosed by health care organizations. Detailed lessons teach students about subjects such as: patient amendments, accounting for information disclosures, patient requested restrictions on information, and confidential communication of information.

  1 : Patient Rights
  2 : Patient Requested Restrictions
  3 : Patient Requested Restrictions And Terminations (V13)
  4 : Confidential Communications And Disclosures (V13)
  5 : The Right To Amend Protected Health Information (PHI) (V13)
  6 : Timely Responses To Patient Amendment Requests (V13)
  7 : Accepting An Amendment (V13)
  8 : Forwarding An Amendment To Others (V13)
  9 : Soliciting Input From An Individual For The Identification Of Others Who Need To Be Informed Of An Amendment (V13)
10 : Amending An Individual's Protected Health Information (PHI) (V13)
11 : Identifying Information Relevant To An Amendment Request (V13)
12 : Written Requests For Changes To Protected Health Information (V13)
13 : Denying An Amendment Request (V13)
14 : Activities That Must Take Place Once An Amendment Denial Has Been Issued (V13)
15 : Patients' Rights To Written Accounting Statements (V13)
16 : Accounting For Multiple Disclosures (V13)
17 : Requirements For Accounting Statements
18 : Processing Accountings Without Information About Disclosures To Health Oversight Agencies or Law Enforcement Officials (V13)
19 : Treatment/ Administrative Services And Accounting Statements (V13)
20 : Fees For Accounting