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ACO Compliance
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Course Description Advanced HIPAA Privacy
The course contains 20 Lessons taking about 1 Hour 40 Minutes

This course outlines how protected health information can be used and disclosed by providers, health plans, and other covered entities. The student learns how to identify protected health information and use or disclose information according to privacy requirements. Lessons focus on subjects such as: authorizations, verbal consents, minimum standards, research information, patient restrictions and terminations, disclosures to business associates, de-identification of information, and disclosures required by law.

  1 : How to Use and Disclose PHI (v20)
  2 : What Are Uses and Disclosures? (v20)
  3 : Written Authorization and Verbal Consents for the Use and Disclosure Of PHI (v20)
  4 : Authorization Core Elements and Requirements (v20)
  5 : When Authorizations Are Required (v20)
  6 : Minimum Standard Protections (v20)
  7 : Exceptions to Minimum Standard Rules (v20)
  8 : Requests for PHI (v20)
  9 : Reasonable Reliance (v20)
10 : Uses and Disclosures for Research (v20)
11 : De-identification of Protected Health Information (v20)
12 : Disclosures to Business Associates (v20)
13 : Release of PHI Relating to Deceased Individuals (v20)
14 : Personal Representatives (v20)
15 : Disclosures by Whistleblowers and Workforce Member Crime Victims (v20)
16 : Disclosure of PHI to Consumer Reporting Agencies (v20)
17 : Uses and Disclosures Where an Authorization or Opportunity to Agree or Object Is Not Required (v20)
18 : Uses And Disclosures Required by Law (v20)
19 : Categories of Public Health Authorities (v20)
20 : Accounting of Disclosures (v20)