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ACO Compliance
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Course Description Advanced HIPAA Privacy
The course contains 14 Lessons taking about 1 Hour 10 Minutes

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 included increased penalties for privacy and security violations as well as funding for implementation of health information technology. These provisions include the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). The HITECH Act, reinforced by the Omnibus Rule passed in 2013, provides for increased enforcement and penalties for breaches in the privacy and security of protected health information located in EMR (electronic medical records).

  1 : Introduction to HITECH (v20)
  2 : Meaningful Use (v20)
  3 : Medicare Promoting Interoperability Program (v20)
  4 : Overview of HIPAA (v20)
  5 : HIPAA RFI (v20)
  6 : Self Audits (v20)
  7 : Self-Audits (v20)
  8 : Business Associates (v20)
  9 : Disclosures (v20)
10 : Marketing and Fundraising (v20)
11 : Breaches in PHI Security (v20)
12 : How to Avoid a Breach (v20)
13 : What to Do When a Breach Occurs (v20)
14 : Penalties (v20)