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Course Description Cultural Diversity in Patient Care
The course contains 15 Lessons taking about 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Our country is a multiethnic society where misunderstandings and conflicts can easily occur. Caring for patients from different cultures presents an increasing challenge for healthcare organizations. This course will give the student a basic understanding of how to communicate with patients from different cultural backgrounds and how cultural beliefs influence healthcare. You will learn to list at least three categories where cultural beliefs may impact patient care, discuss the difference between a cultural trait and an individual preference, identify how care may need to be planned due to the patient’s customs, and discuss how cultural and religious customs affect food preferences.

  1 : Definition of Culture (v19)
  2 : Understanding Transcultural Care (v19)
  3 : Cultural beliefs (v19)
  4 : Cultural Differences in Healthcare Beliefs (v19)
  5 : Childbirth Customs (v19)
  6 : Cultural Response to Pain (v19)
  7 : Death and Dying (v19)
  8 : Organ Donation (v19)
  9 : Religious Practices (v19)
10 : Eye Contact (v19)
11 : Touch (v19)
12 : Concept of Time (v19)
13 : Communication (v19)
14 : Use of Interpreters (v19)
15 : Dietary Practices (v19)