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Course Description Environment of Care
The course contains 10 Lessons taking about 50 Minutes

As per FEMA statistics, in the United States there are more than 53 million adults and 5 million children under age 15 with some type of disability related to transportation, work, or self-care. Twenty-eight million Americans have hearing loss; 500,000 are completely deaf. More than 8 million Americans have limited vision; 130,000 are totally blind. There are 1.5 million wheelchair users and an additional 4 million people who require mobility aids.

In Part III of Understanding NIMS, the student will review the impact different types of hazards may have on theses special needs populations.

  1 : Overview of NIMS
  2 : Emergency Challenges of Special Needs Groups
  3 : Communications
  4 : Hearing Disabilities
  5 : Visual Disabilities
  6 : The Elderly
  7 : Mobility Impairments
  8 : Evacuation of Special Needs Groups
  9 : Sheltering
10 : Children