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Course Description Environment of Care
The course contains 15 Lessons taking about 1 Hour 15 Minutes

In Part II of Understanding NIMS, the student will become familiar with the key concepts and principles of NIMS, the benefits of using the system for domestic incident response, and NIMS effects on HEICS and ultimately HICS (healthcare incident command system) currently used by healthcare organizations.

  1 : Introduction to NIMS
  2 : Purpose of NIMS
  3 : Components
  4 : Command and Management
  5 : Unified Command
  6 : Area Command
  7 : Multiagency Coordination Systems
  8 : Multiagency Coordination Systems Elements
  9 : Public Information Systems
10 : Preparedness
11 : NIMS Integration Center
12 : Resource Management
13 : Communications, Information Management, and Supporting Technology
14 : Ongoing Management and Maintenance
15 : The Benefits of NIMS