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ACO Overview

ACO Compliance
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Course Description Environment of Care
The course contains 10 Lessons taking about 50 Minutes

In February of 2003, President Bush directed the Secretary of Homeland Security to develop and administer a National Incident Management System to provide a consistent, nationwide template enabling all government and non-governmental organizations to work together during domestic incidents. In Part I, the student will learn the structure and function of the Incident Command System, the backbone of NIMS and ultimately HICS, the Hospital Command System.

  1 : The History of the Incident Command System
  2 : The Features of the ICS
  3 : Common Terminology
  4 : Incident Facilities
  5 : Position Titles
  6 : Span of Control
  7 : Organizational Resources
  8 : The Incident Action Plan
  9 : Integrated Communications
10 : Accountability