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Course Description Medical Offices
The course contains 14 Lessons taking about 1 Hour 10 Minutes

This course reviews the OSHA "right to know" law, also known as the Hazard Communication Standard. This standard covers both physical hazards (such as flammability) and health hazards (irritation, lung damage, cancer, etc.). Most chemicals used in the workplace have some hazard potential and thereby are covered by this standard. This course details the standard and covers Safety Data Sheets, proper labeling and identification of hazardous substances in the workplace under the Globally Harmonized System, and OSHA’s staff training requirements. After completing the course, the learner will be able to: list three elements on the hazard communication label, describe the purpose of the Safety Data Sheet, identify when HCS training is to take place, list at least three forms of hazardous materials, and describe the purpose of a Hazard Communication Plan.

  1 : Introduction to Hazard Communication Standard
  2 : Requirements of the Standard
  3 : Globally Harmonized System
  4 : Definition of Hazardous Chemicals
  5 : Implementation of a Program
  6 : Safety Data Sheets
  7 : Labels
  8 : Pictograms
  9 : Staff Training
10 : Requirements of the Training Program
11 : Prioritizing Hazard Communication Training
12 : Identifying Training Needs
13 : Methods of Protection
14 : Sequencing of Training