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ACO Overview

ACO Compliance
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Course Description Corporate Compliance and Safety Training
The course contains 10 Lessons taking about 50 Minutes

The Red Flag Rules, requiring financial institutions and creditors to establish identity theft protection programs, were included in the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act passed by Congress in 2003. The original compliance date was November 1, 2008; however, the compliance date subsequently moved to May 1, 2009. Healthcare organizations are already involved with security programs required by the HIPAA security rule and should be able to "tweak" existing programs to meet these new federal regulations.

  1 : Introduction to the Red Flag Rules (V14)
  2 : Background (V14)
  3 : “Red Flag Rules” and Healthcare Institutions (V14)
  4 : Basic Requirements (V14)
  5 : Red Flag Alerts (V14)
  6 : Responses to Alerts (V14)
  7 : Risk Assessments (V14)
  8 : Staff Education (V14)
  9 : Patient Education (V14)
10 : The Red Flag Program (V14)