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ACO Overview

ACO Compliance
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Course Description Corporate Compliance and Safety Training
The course contains 15 Lessons taking about 1 Hour 15 Minutes

This course reviews the various requirements of peer review, the peer review process, including external peer review for Medicare beneficiaries, examples of criteria triggering the review process, and examples of various actions to take as a result of the peer review.

  1 : Introduction to the Physician Peer Review Process (V14)
  2 : The Definition of Peer Review (V14)
  3 : The Health Care Quality Improvement Act (V14)
  4 : National Practitioner’s Data Bank (V14)
  5 : Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (V14)
  6 : Regulatory Bodies (V14)
  7 : Internal Peer Review (V14)
  8 : External Peer Review (V14)
  9 : Utilization Management (V14)
10 : Quality Management (V14)
11 : Satisfaction Surveys and Member Complaints (V14)
12 : Indicators of Care (V14)
13 : Medical Staff Committees (V14)
14 : Committee Actions (V14)
15 : Credentialing (V14)